Mushroom Dream Forest

 The Mushroom Dream. An impossible mural because it's under a bridge and  invisible.   

200 feet long and 10 feet tall. Oil on concrete. Call it graffiti if you like, but the  only way to see it all is in this pic that I made.   

The finished print will be  between 20 and 30 feet long depending on the exhibit space. And it's  looking for a gallery home. Tell someone you know?  

Original photo by Joe Atikian. Original music by Av Atikian. 

Please note that this image is not available for purchase.

mushroom dream forest -- an exclusive capture

graffiti mural on runnymede road in toronto canada. street art on railway bridge. photo joe atikian

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About the image

The Mural

Mushroom Dream Forest is a 200 foot long mural depicting a wildlife fantasy or dreamscape. 

Strange birds and animals rest in apparent harmony within 7 scenes, while the only recurring elements take shape as tree trunks and little bluish mushrooms.

The Setting

Mushroom Dream Forest was painted on one continuous wall under a Toronto railway bridge.  

This setting makes viewing very difficult. The patchy light varies from bright sun to dark shadow to artificial glare. Worse yet, a large metal handrail along the adjacent sidewalk casts a patterned shadow in some areas. 

The mural cannot be seen in its entirety from any angle, so it only exists here in this image.

Making the Photo

Because the mural is so long and narrow, it can never be seen or photographed in a single frame. Concrete pillars that support the overhead railway also obscure the view. The only realistic option would be to create a composite  of several photo segments.

Using a very wide angle lens, 48 close up photos were taken. 

Each frame was adjusted to unify the natural and artificial light intensity along the tunnel before manually stitching the frames into sub-panels.

Finally, each sub-panel was aligned to compensate for the uneven sidewalk slope, and manually stitched to form the finished amalgamated image.