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- P R O D U C T S -

  • Industrial images often look best as a metal print. These prints have a startling clarity and depth suited to manufactured structures.

  • Metal prints may also suit natural images with water or sky. Otherwise, natural images may be better suited to board mounts or paper prints.

  • Everything we sell is printed in Canada or the US.

- P R I C I N G -

  • Pricing applies to all items except "Breakwater" and "Mushroom Dream" (please see below for details)
  • All prices are in the currency of the country to which the image is delivered.

  • Paper Print
  • 12 x 18... $35
  • 20 x 30... $60

  • Rigid Board Mount 
  • ready to hang
  • 12 x 18... $150
  • 20 x 30... $250

  • Rigid Metal Print
  • ready to hang
  • 12 x 18... $250
  • 20 x 30... $380

  • "Breakwater" is only available in 20 x 30 rigid metal print - $2,900

  • "Mushroom Dream" is not for sale

- P O L I C I E S -

  • We only accept bank e-transfers, PayPal, and cash.

  • Shipping is included in the price.
  • We only ship within Canada and the US.

  • No returns on printed images. 
  • No refunds or returns on digital image files.
  • Refunds on printed images will only be given if you provide photo evidence of an unusable faulty product. 

  • All images are copyright of Joe Atikian.
  • Copying or distribution in any form is prohibited.