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Cloudy landscape. concrete radar tower. Toronto Ontario Pearson Airport in summer 2017 Joe Atikian



DOMINATING STRUCTURES  is the art of bold industrial imagery. Architecture, ship-building, mechanical beauty.

This is a distilled view of large, rare objects that are striking when we face them directly. Even so, spectacular objects can be obscured by fences or signs. We may only see them as a passing glimpse.

Here we confront a difficult scene and purify it into photographic art.


Cloudy sunrise landscape Toronto Lake Ontario Marylin Bell Park in winter 2017 by Joe Atikian

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i n t e n s e

m o o d y

s e r e n e


Red Crude oil tanker ship at dock at Oakville refinery - taken by Joe Atikian

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p u r e

i s o l a t e d

r e f i n e d


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  • Industrial images often look best as a metal print. These prints have a startling clarity and depth suited to manufactured structures.

  • Metal prints may also suit natural images with water or sky. Otherwise, natural images may be better suited to board mounts or paper prints.

  • Everything we sell is printed in Canada and made in Canada.

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  • applies to all items except "Breakwater"

  • Paper Print
  • 12 x 18... $35
  • 20 x 30... $60

  • Rigid Board Mount 
  • ready to hang
  • 12 x 18... $150
  • 20 x 30... $250

  • Rigid Metal Print
  • ready to hang
  • 12 x 18... $250
  • 20 x 30... $380

  • "Breakwater" only in 20 x 30 rigid metal print - $2,900

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  • Shipping is included in the price.
  • We only ship within Canada.

  • No returns. 

  • Refunds given only with photo evidence of unusable faulty product. 

  • All images are copyright of Joe Atikian.
  • Copying or distribution in any form is prohibited.


Joe Atikian head shot wearing Rayban sunglasses.

J o e

I shoot both ends of the style spectrum - from the splendid to the serene. Technology fits into that spectrum, but so does nature. 

My past career spanned nuclear plants to car engines. Meanwhile, I love wilderness as much as I love cities. That's the imagery that I try to bring to you.


Road sign on Toronto Gardiner expressway at night. Spadina Avenue exit. Yonge Street. York Street.

T o r o n t o

Toronto is home. It's a city of world food, big banks, and neighbourhoods. It's also the biggest urban region on a Great Lake in the world. That makes Toronto super rich in visual images. Come and see.


Joe Atikian holding Sony A7 camera

A v a i l a b l e

I would love to shoot photos for you. They could be shots of your car, house, business, or other ideas. I prefer hand-held naturalistic photography with minimal editing. Send me a note and we can figure something out.


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